Our R&D department works hard in developing new products that are respectful with the environment but still conserve the features demanded by the market.

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For this we have a physical testing laboratory with approved equipment which helps us with the articles investigation. It also helps us to conduct a continuous evaluation of the quality of our products, ensuring that we meet the parameters required by our customers.

Besides of conducting waterproof tests, flower pop, push, grip, etc. Our R&D department, with the technological support of the physical testing lab, works on developing items with no environmental impact, following the features established by the market, all this backed up with data of the technological laboratory, and monthly checks with approved laboratories (BLC and Satra). All our chemical suppliers are certified with the Reach Regulation, which ensures the final quality of our items.


Directorate UNION FOR LEATHER, S.L.U. dedicated to finishing and marketing of fur, focuses its quality management system as a way to organize your business life, basing on basic pillars such as the quality of its products through the development and application of techniques of dyeing and finishing, continuous improvement of its processes and the relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Therefore the Directorate declares the quality management system, according to the requirements of the International Standard UNE EN-ISO 9001: 2015, as a strategic priority objective, focusing its foundations and commitments in the scope of the following objectives:

1. Broadening markets.
2. Continuous improvement of our quality management system.
3. greater control over the production process to ensure proper monitoring of our activities and ensure customer satisfaction and CUMPLIMEINTO ENSURE THE REQUIREMENTS, needs and expectations of our stakeholders.
4. To ensure compliance with customer requirements, legal requirements applicable to our activity and other requirements that the company subscribes.
5. IMPROVE continuously the quality management system and our process performance management system, with the aim of, among others, to achieve a high degree of internal organization.

Así, es responsabilidad todo el personal de la empresa, el correcto cumplimiento de estas directrices y su implantación, para lo cual, la dirección de UNIÓN FOR LEATHER, S.L.U. se compromete a proporcionar todos los medios humanos, técnicos y económicos necesarios para alcanzarlo, y a revisar periódicamente la estrategia de la empresa, adecuándola a los cambios que puedan ocurrir en su contexto.

ISO 9001-2008 (Spanish)

1. ESPAÑOL ISO 9001-2008 OK

ISO 9001-2008 (Russian)

2. Good Russian ISO 9001-2008 OK

ISO 9001-2008 (English)

3. OK ENGLISH ISO 9001-2008 (1)

Certificado LWG Gold


The European market increasingly values the products manufactured in the territory of Spain, characterized by the maximum care of every detail, quality and innovation.



The UFL team works to provide more novel, innovative products, being always in contact with the biggest fairs held around the world to get the most innovative product.

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